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SmartyPlants Grand Opening Giveaway


By SmartyPlants | February 10, 2021
We want to thank everyone again for getting involved in the Give Away! We hope you were able to watch the Live Feed. Below is a list of the winners along with the way they entered the contest. In all the excitement of doing the give-away, we lost count of both the 28 Day Kickstart and Weekly Meal plan prizes. Meaning we were short giving away 1 prize to each of those 2 categories.
So after the live feed we spun again to pick those 2 winners. Because of our error, we decided to give away 1 additional prize from each of those 2 categories. Those additional 4 winners are listed at the end of each list as the 10th and 11th. We will con contacting all winners on Monday.
Congrats again to all the winners and participants. We had a lot of fun!
$25 Whole Foods Gift Card
Kathryn Leatherwood--Facebook Private Page
Maria Gugliuzza Dike--Facebook Private Page
Monica Alvarez--Facebook Private Page
28 Day Kickstart
Amy Désirée Goldstein--Facebook Private Page
Greta Maxin--Facebook Private Page
Robyn Penn Roush--Facebook Private Page
Kristie Lee--Facebook Business Page
Shannan Lee Williams@shanilee39--Pinterest
Che Alabre--Facebook Business Page
1 Month Weekly Meal Plan
Sarah Jane Fields--Facebook Private Page
Judi Bryan--Facebook Business Page
Emily Dyer--Facebook Business Page
Maria De Jesus Mojarro--Facebook Business Page
Faraig Faraig--Facebook Business Page
Lauren Prihoda Weiner -- Member
Kim Kinnee Keenan--Facebook Business Page
Marike Aalbers--Facebook Private Page
Grand Prize



It's our SmartyPlants Grand Opening Give-Away! (No purchase necessary)

We're so excited to finally launch our website, that we're going to be giving away some great prizes to members and non-members as well! Everyone is welcome to enter! 

You can enter in various ways, and you have multiple chances to win a prize! No purchase necessary!

The contest runs from Friday 2/26/21 - Friday 3/12/21 at 3:00 PM. Then, we'll pick the winners during a live Facebook broadcast on Friday March 12th, between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm CST. 
Winners do not need to be present to win (we will track you down!) but it will be fun to watch live! So mark your calendars. 

We have 25 prizes to give away!


● 4 -  $25 Whole Foods Gift Cards (each, a $25 Value)

● 10 - SmartyPlants 28-Day KickStart memberships (each, a $28 value. This can be gifted to someone if you'd like!)

● 10 - SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan memberships for 1 month  (Each, a $19.99 value. This can be gifted to someone else if you'd like!) 

● 1 - brand new Air Fryer, High-Speed Blender or Instant Pot (value ranges from $75 - $125) Your choice!


How to submit entries into the contest: 

● Like and Share this contest post on Facebook—every like and every share gets an entry to the contest. You can find the contest post here. (Optional: Tag a friend or family member you think might be interested!)

● Like our Facebook Business Page —every like gets an entry to the contest. 

● Join our Private Facebook Group —everyone in the group gets an entry to the contest. 

● Follow any/all of our other social platforms: media platforms: Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and/or Pinterest—every follow on each account gets an entry to the contest.  

● Sign-up for our newsletter—located at the bottom of this page. Every email we receive gets 2 (TWO) entries into the contest. 

● If you are already a paying member to either our 28-Day Kickstart OR the Weekly Meal Plan, or if you join during the contest, you'll get an extra 5 (FIVE) entries to the drawings. 


If you have joined, followed, liked or shared any of the above already, you will be automatically entered to win. You can always go back to complete any that you haven't done, for more chances to win! The more you like, follow and share, the more entries you get and the better chance you have of winning!

You can enter in various ways, for multiple chances to win, but only 1 prize per person! Once you are picked for a prize, your other entries will be removed from the remaining drawings. 

Plant Based Eating Lifestyle

Whole Food Plant Based Support Group

Plant based for Life(powered)

Whole Food Plant Based Support Group (By Simply Plant-based Kitchen)








Giveaway Rules and Information

i. Title

Our giveaway currently running at the time of writing this post is the “SmartyPlants Grand Opening Giveaway”.

ii. No Purchase Necessary

We offer various ways to enter the contests without having to make a purchase. People who have bought memberships, or who buy memberships during the dates the contest runs, will get extra entries into the drawing.

iii. Promotion Description

The giveaway runs from 2/26/21 - 3/12/21 3:00 pm CST and the prizes will be awarded via a live Facebook feed, on March 12th 2021, approximately between 7:00pm and 8:00pm CST. We will post a link to the feed on March 12th. We will also announce the winner in our Newsletter, the following week. 

iv. Eligibility

Anyone age 18 and over is available to participate, as long as it is legal in your state/country. 
Employees/owners of SmartyPlants Inc. and their immediate family members aren’t eligible to win.

v. Prizes

Prizes are as follows:
4 -  $25 Whole Foods Gift Cards (Each a $25 Value) 
10 - 28 Day KickStart Memberships (Each, currently a $28 value with the Grand Opening discount applied. Regularly $35. This can be gifted to someone else if you like.) 
10 - 1 month Membership to our Weekly Meal Plan  (Each, a $19.99 value, wi
th the Grand Opening discount applied. Regularly $25. This can be gifted to someone else if you like.) 
1 - Brand new AirFryer, High Speed Blender or Instant Pot (Value ranges from $75 - $100, depending item, brand and model) This prize can only be shipped within the United States. If the winner is outside the US, a $75 cash equivalent gift card will be sent instead. 

vi. How to Enter

Participants have multiple ways to enter, with no purchase necessary. This includes liking and sharing social media posts, pages and groups and opting in for our newsletter. All outlined above. 

vii. Winner Selection

Winners will be chosen during a Live event on Facebook, on Friday March 12th, at 7:00 PM CST. 

viii. Winner Notification

We will notify the winners by email, or Social Media, depending on how they entered the contest. 

ix. Privacy

None of your personal information that is shared with us, will be shared with any other party, outside of SmartyPlants Inc. 

x. Social Network Disclaimer

None of the social media networks mentioned, have anything to do with this giveaway. We explicitly release any of the social media networks, from any kind of liability. 

xi. Winner List

We will be posting the winners first name and last initial to some or all our social media networks, as well adding them to this blog post, and in our Newsletter when the contest is over. 

Good Luck!