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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 1-1-22


By SmartyPlants | January 7, 2022

The beginning of the year means that right now, we’re smack dab in the middle of winter. ❄️The cold temperatures are upon us, but even colder ones may be headed our way. In Chicago this week, we’ve already hit negative numbers with the wind chill. Brrr! 🥶

Right about now we could all use a nice warm hug to give us those warm fuzzies as we settle in for some blustery weather.

So, how about warm hugs?

This week, we focused on delicious comfort food to keep us all warm and cozy.

We’re talking about Biscuits and Gravy, Cream of Celery Soup, and Creamy Red Pepper Ziti.

In addition to all of this deliciousness, we’ve added a new component to your Recipe Box—Drop Biscuits!


Biscuits and Gravy
This was not a big thing in restaurants and diners in the Chicago area as we were growing up. At least I don’t remember it being. Although I must admit we were not the type of family that ate out a lot for breakfast. Or at all really. My dad was not too keen on flying his whole life, so every year when we went on family vacations, we would drive. Typically our driving would take us East and South. Which would mean stopping at small Southern diners along the way. Mostly little hole in the wall places that would let my dad fill his thermos back up with coffee with no extra charge (as long as you bought that 1st cup for $0.60!) and places that serve unfamiliar dishes like Biscuits Gravy! So it was always a treat to have it on the road, and eating this really takes me back to those 15-20 hour car rides with my family, on vacation.

Plant Based Vegan Biscuits and Gravy
Cream of Celery Soup
Celery soup? I wouldn’t have thought to make a soup out of an entire stalk of celery, but a few years ago my mom mentioned that she made Celery Soup, and loved it, so it’s been on my mind ever since. I think of celery as a flavor enhancer, or as a crunchy addition to dishes—not the main attraction. So, I was very surprised when I gave this soup a whirl—it’s delicious! The celery gives it great flavor and freshness, and the creaminess from our beloved cashews is perfect. It’s light, yet comforting, and couldn’t be easier to make.

Plant Based Vegan Cream of Celery Soup

Creamy Red Pepper Ziti
Who knew easy and simple could also mean beautiful and super tasty as well? First, we make a smoky roasted red pepper cream sauce, and then toss it with ziti pasta and fresh basil ribbons. Done! This dreamy pasta dish will have you wondering how you didn’t spend the whole day in the kitchen, and everyone will love it.

Plant Based Vegan Creamy Red Pepper Ziti

Drop Biscuits
When we were kids our mom would make these quite a bit. Whether it was for a Sunday morning breakfast, to go alongside a stew, or just so my dad could put butter and jelly on them as a quick late-night snack or desert at night.  They were a bit of a throw back from her youth and we all loved them.

Plant Based Vegan Drop Biscuits


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