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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 2-19-21


By SmartyPlants | August 10, 2021

This Week’s Recipes are all about simple and comfort, two things I love when it comes to food. We’re working hard to create meals for our Weekly Meal Plans that are simple to make, super tasty, and packed with nutrients. I thought these 3 meals would be great to kick things off with because they are all that!

First up, our One-Pot Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil. Our amazing recipe developer, Julie, blew us away with this pasta. You just throw a few simple ingredients into a pot, and 20 minutes later you have perfectly cooked pasta, in a luscious tomato basil sauce. It’s almost too good to be this easy. Make the Almond Parmesan ahead of time so you’ll have it ready to sprinkle on top. WOW!

Plant Based One-Pot Pasta with Tomatoes and Basil
Next, for our Skillet Enchiladas with Nacho Crema, we take corn tortillas, pinto beans and two of our delicious sauces—our Nacho Crema and our Simple Enchilada Sauce, and layer them like a lasagna, all in one skillet. “Crema” is the Spanish word for cream, and ours is creamy, dreamy and cheesy. It’s thin enough to drizzle over anything and everything, and we do! Our Simple Enchilada Sauce has just the right kick. Speed things up on meal night by making your sauces early, and when you’re ready, all you need to do is layer it up and let it cook. In just 30 minutes, it’s time to eat! This comes out with a crispy, corn tortilla crust that is to die for.

Plant Based Skillet Enchiladas with Nacho Crema
We thought about calling our Stick-To-Your-Ribs Stew, “Veggie Stew”, but when you try this, you’ll know why we changed the name. This stew is a big ol’ bowl of comfort. We make a super tasty gravy, toss in potatoes, broccoli and peas, and it doesn't stop there. Can you believe that we ladle all of his goodness over mashed potatoes? Yep, comfort in a bowl.

Plant Based Stick-To-Your-Ribs Stew

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