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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 4-1-22


By SmartyPlants | April 1, 2022

Yes indeed, it is already 🌸April 1st🌸 and that means that the year is almost 1/4 over already. How can this be?!?

This week, we would like to⚡️spark your creativity⚡️, and dive into the beauty and simplicity of wraps!

Wraps are any kind of flatbread rolled around a delicious filling. Think burritos.

They are super versatile, simple to put together, and scrumptious. When you have a great sauce or dressing ready-to-go and in your fridge, you can create all kinds of yummy combinations, using fresh veggies, roasted veggies, fresh herbs, cooked grains, cooked beans, nut cheese and anything else that sounds good.

Wrap it up!

This week we give you not only 3 recipes, but 4 wraps:

Smoky Peanut BBQ Wraps, Crispy Tofu Lettuce Wraps, Chipotle Burger Wraps and Crispy Chicken Caesar Wraps!

Along with these irresistible wraps, we’ve added a great new dressing: Creamy Lime Miso Dressing


Smoky Peanut BBQ Wraps
We took all of the flavors of a classic Banh Mi Sandwich—cucumber, pickled carrots, jalapeño, and cilantro and combined them with our Chicken-Style Soy Curls, fresh and crunchy Romaine lettuce, brown rice, peanuts and our Smoky Peanut BBQ Sauce. This wrap is sweet, spicy, fresh, crunchy,  warm, satisfying and out of this world delicious!


Plant Based Vegan Smoky Peanut BBQ Wraps
Crispy Tofu Lettuce Wraps
Who ever said that you needed a tortilla to make a wrap? We use crisp, fresh and tender butter lettuce leaves, and they are perfect to stuff with cool and crunchy fresh veggies, and our warm, Crispy Tofu. Our Lime Miso Dressing that we drizzle over everything is creamy, savory, tangy and gives a pop of lime for brightness. There are so many layers of flavors and textures going on here—soft lettuce, cool and crunchy veggies, warm crispy tofu and creamy dressing with a zing! It’s hard to believe they are ridiculously simple to make with all of this going on.

Plant Based Black Vegan Crispy Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Chipotle Burger Wraps
Mini burgers! That’s what we are making for our wraps. They are made with garbanzo beans and pinto beans, red peppers and corn and they are the perfect size to stuff into our wraps, along with crunchy veggies, creamy avocado and our Smoky Chipotle Dressing. Amazing!

Plant Based Vegan Chipotle Burger Wraps

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap 
Our crispy crunchy Breaded Chicken-Style Soy Curls and our beloved Caesar Dressing come together in this simple and amazing wrap! We add some fresh veggies and creamy avocado slices to make this a new favorite.

Plant Based Vegan Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap

Creamy Lime Miso Dressing
This dressing has a lot of layers of flavor going on. Savory, tangy, sweet,  with hints of garlic, ginger and lime. Perfect for dipping crispy tofu in, putting on an Asian wrap or creating a delicious salad.

Plant Based Plant Based Vegan Creamy Lime Miso Dressing


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