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SmartyPlants - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 4-8-22


By SmartyPlants | April 8, 2022

This week, we went back to our childhood to bring back some of the foods we loved as kids. We grew up in a large Italian family, and Italian food was a must for Sunday dinner.

We’d wake up on Sunday mornings to the house smelling of garlic, basil and simmering tomatoes. 🍅 This would really get our hunger going, but we ate Sunday dinner at 3pm, so we didn’t have too long to wait!

This week, we’re give you simple and delicious Italian Comfort Food!

All three of This Week’s Recipes have the classic Italian flavors we love—garlic, basil, cheese and tomatoes. They are all delicious, cozy, comforting, and satisfying. Just like mama used to make. 🥰

Make them for Sunday dinner, like we do!

This weeks Recipes: Pesto Lasagna Rolls, Cheesy Stuffed Peppers and Stuffed Artichokes!


Pesto Lasagna Rolls
When you’re using components like our Basil Pesto and our Tofu Ricotta, you know these are going to be amazing! Topped with a simple Marinara, these beautiful rolls are not only delicious, but comforting and satisfying. These are perfect for a Sunday dinner with a salad and some crusty 100% whole grain bread.

Plant Based Vegan Pesto Lasagna Rolls
Cheesy Stuffed Peppers
We had this dish at least once a month when we were growing up. The filling was delicious and we made ours just as scrumptious by mixing our Beef-Style Crumbles and Cheesy Provolone Sauce with brown rice. That’s it! That’s how easy these are. We wanted to pump up the Cheese Sauce a bit to keep them nice and juicy. We also make a simple Red Sauce to spoon over the top and give them even more flavor. These peppers are out of this world good, and even better the next day!

Plant Based Vegan Cheesy Stuffed Peppers


Stuffed Artichokes
It was always exciting when our mom made stuffed artichokes when we were kids. We loved them! She would place one big, beautiful stuffed artichoke on each dinner plate, each of us would have one entirely to ourselves. We do it the same way, using mom’s recipe—Italian style. Cheesy, garlic-y, bready, soft and delicious. We replace the Italian breadcrumbs with 100% whole wheat breadcrumbs (we like to make them ourselves!), replace the Romano cheese with our delicious Almond Parmesan, and replace the drizzle of olive oil with a bright drizzle of lemon juice. They are absolutely delicious, and fun to eat because you get to use your hands. Don’t forget to place a giant bowl in the center of the table for your discarded leaves. Fun!

Plant Based Vegan Stuffed Artichokes


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