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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 6-25-21


By SmartyPlants | August 19, 2021

This week, we bring you 3 super simple and super tasty recipes from the SmartyPlants Kitchen! There is not a lot of prep or effort needed for these one-pot meals, but the results are fabulous! You can easily make all three of these dishes on meal night. Your family or dinner guests will think you spent all day in the kitchen. Shhh……it’ll be our little secret.

We're talking about Chickpea Frittatas with Pepper JackCreamy Tomato Mac Skillet, and Skillet Quinoa and Black Beans!


Chickpea Frittatas with Pepper Jack
We grew up eating frittatas for dinner, and our dad loved to flip them out of the pan and onto a platter in a dramatic presentation! They were always a work of art. Our plant-powered Chickpea Frittatas are made with chickpea flour instead of eggs, and they are so good! They are light, yet filling, and are perfect for breakfast or for dinner with a salad on the side—especially our Kale Caesar. Plus, you can customize the fillings and add any veggies that you like. Our amazing Pepper Jack Cheese is making an appearance again! Have you tried this yet? We add a dollop to the center of the Frittatas, so every bite gets a cheesy kick!

Plant Based Chickpea Frittatas with Pepper Jack
Creamy Tomato Mac Skillet
This quick and easy "adult" Mac and Cheese is on the table in 30 minutes! Just pick up a few ripe tomatoes and you’ll probably have everything else that you need in your pantry. Creamy, cheesy, and delicious with tomatoes!

Plant Based Creamy Tomato Mac Skillet

Skillet Quinoa and Black Beans
This is one of those meals that surprises you—it's so simple to make, but packed with flavor! Light, fluffy and delicious, this amazing quinoa with a Mexican twist is cooked all in one pot. I love meals that you can leave alone to do their thing, and 15 minutes later, dinner is ready! Our Simple Enchilada Sauce gives this quinoa a nice kick, so be sure to add a dollop of our Cashew Sour Cream to cool things off a bit. Yum!

Plant Based Skillet Quinoa and Black Beans


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