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SmartyPlants Weekly Meal Plan - Released on 7-2-21


By SmartyPlants | August 19, 2021

To celebrate our nation’s Independence—and a long weekend of BBQs, fireworks, parties, and fun, we’re offering you 3 dazzling, blazing, shimmering, glittering, sparkling, glowing and glimmering BBQ dishes that will absolutely skyrocket your tastebuds! Plus, we’re adding 2 spectacular sides from the SmartyPlants Kitchen!

We're talking about Chicago-Style Carrot DogsTexas-Style BBQ Soy Curls Sandwich, and Plant-Powered Beer Brats! PLUS….. Mexican Street Corn with Chipotle Lime Crema and Blistered Party Peppers.


Chicago-Style Carrot Dogs
Chicago is picky about its hot dogs! With its many toppings, a Chicago dog is “dragged through the garden”, as Chicagoans say. These toppings include chopped white onions, pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers, a squeeze of yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt—all on a soft and squishy poppy seed bun. Our plant-powered dogs are made with carrots that have been marinated in all of the right smoky spices. We grill them, pop them into 100% whole grain buns, and drag them through the garden, exactly like the original. Oh! And, one more thing goes for both Chicago dogs—absolutely no ketchup!


Plant Based Chicago-Style Carrot Dogs
Texas-Style BBQ Soy Curls Sandwich
The term “barbecue” most likely comes from the Spanish word, “barbacoa”, which is a traditional Spanish way of cooking that involves burying meat in the ground over hot coals, wrapped in leaves. We owe our modern style of barbecuing to German and Czech immigrants of Texas in the mid-1800’s. They opened grocery stores and meat markets, where butchers smoked the meat to prevent it from spoiling. Many people considered these “leftovers”, or barbecue, to be a poor man’s dish. The BBQ was wrapped in a sheet of brown paper, along with whatever leftovers they could find on the grocery store shelves; usually onions, pickles, and jalapeños. That’s exactly how we like our version of Texas BBQ! We sear Soy Curls in a hot pan until they are chewy and crispy, coat them in our Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce, and then pile them up into soft, toasted buns. We then add the traditional onions, dill pickles and jalapeños. We also toss on crunchy slaw and a squirt of tangy mustard! The combo of tastes and texture in this plant-powered BBQ sandwich is amazing, and carries with it a whole lotta Texas pride.

Plant Based Texas-Style BBQ Soy Curls Sandwich

Plant-Powered Beer Brats
Mmmm…..summers BBQs, baseball games, cookouts, camping..….a beer and a brat—summer at its finest. We take all of that delicious beer-brat flavor, and pump it into these tasty little Soy Curls! Not only that, but we top it off with classic yellow mustard, and some chopped raw onions. Now, we’re talking!

Plant Based Baked Penne with Plant-Powered Meat Sauce

Mexican Street Corn with Chipotle Lime Crema
Elote, pronounced EH-LOH-TAY, is Mexican street corn. “Elote” means “corn cob” in Spanish, and you can find this all over Mexico and the US. It’s often served on a stick! The grilled corn is slathered with mayo, dusted with chili powder, and then topped with Cotija cheese, lime and cilantro. In our version, we ditch the mayo and the cheese, slater ours with our beloved Chipotle Lime Crema, and toss on some cilantro leaves. The combination of the sweet corn with the tangy Crema-with-a-kick, makes this an addictive side to any BBQ dish.

Plant Based Mexican Street Corn with Chipotle Lime Crema

Blistered Party Peppers
Sweet, tangy and bite-sized. Eat them right off the stem as a side dish, or drop them onto your favorite sandwich. Quick and easy and, "Oh-so tasty". No oil necessary!

Plant Based Blistered Party Peppers


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