Peanut Butter Nice Cream

By Judi Bushala | December 7, 2020
Makes 2 servings
Nice Cream can be made in many different and delicious ways just by swapping out a few ingredients, but this one is one of my favorites. I love peanut butter! Sweet, creamy, peanut butter-y goodness that tastes just like soft serve.


3  bananas, ripe, peeled and frozen
1/4 cup plant-based milk, unsweetened
2 tablespoons peanut butter, no oil or additives


  1. First, let 3 bananas ripen on your counter. Peel them, discard the peels, and freeze them in a freezer bag or storage container for at least one day before you want to make your Nice Cream.

  2. When you’re ready for a sweet treat, take your frozen bananas out of the freezer. Put them in a high-speed blender with your plant-based milk and the peanut butter and blend on high for about a minute or two. You may have to add a splash more milk and also stop to scrape the sides down. When everything is smooth and creamy and looks like soft serve, it’s done!

  3. Top with your favorite toppings such as chopped nuts or fruit and eat it immediately! It tends to melt quickly.

Recipe Notes

You really need to make this the same night you’d like to eat it. I find that it doesn't freeze very well. It's best as soft serve!

This works best with soy, oat or almond milk!

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